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Cost of DDS/DMD in the U.S.

Jan 01 2021
Sruthi Kaviya
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With oral healthcare taking center stage in recent times, many dental students aspire to pursue an Advanced Standing International Dental Program in the United States. Applying and paying for dental school is a costly affair for most foreign-trained dentists. The U.S. is regarded as the 'Land of Opportunities' with its booming economy and will remain the best country for foreign dental graduates. Unquestionably, the remarkable opportunities and the proactive approach used by the American dental fraternity pulls foreign dental students to pursue further education in the U.S.

For most, gaining admission into an Advanced Standing Program is not a cakewalk and is way more competitive than other programs. According to the American Dental Association and a survey by the Health Policy Institute, 'In 2019-20, 708 graduates of international dental schools were admitted to U.S. dental schools with advanced standing, up from 627 the previous year.' The U.S. education system unlocks a plethora of opportunities for students to begin their professional careers. It ensures a smooth transition from academics to a professional career - an absolute cherry on the cake!

Before kickstarting the dental journey in the U.S., the candidate must have clear-cut and valid information about the finances and post-graduation opportunities. The most common question that arises in the minds of international dentists is, 'Is it even worth pursuing such a costly program as a DDS in the U.S.?'

We have done our best to pen down the cost roughly. (Note: These values are approximate, and they may vary depending on which school you are targeting)

  • Minimum - $120,000
  • Maximum - $400,000

     2.   DDS + Residency 

  • Minimum - $250,000
  • Maximum - $370,000

To help you out here, we, the team at CAAPID SIMPLIFIED, have built an online tool called the “Cost Calculator.” The DDS Cost Calculator helps determine the cumulative cost you will incur to apply for a DDS/DMD in the U.S. It covers all aspects, including application costs, exam fees, bench preparation, school fees, and your estimated cost-of-living expenses. The tool helps you plan with accurate visibility into the cost of your admissions journey. While you focus on your academic and professional dreams, we will take care of your financial enigmas.  

Link - DDS Cost Calculator for International dentists {How expensive are dental applications in the U.S.? }

To estimate your cost-of-living in the U.S.: Zillow price estimates | WorldPopulationReview | SmartAsset 

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