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This is a full-time opportunity to mentor and support India’s top high school students in their dreams to attend Ivy League universities. Caapid Simplified is in search of a Writing and Counselling Specialist who drives student growth through the Ivy-League admissions process and infuses creativity in college essays/projects.

Our legacy as pioneers in the study-abroad process (having experienced it ourselves), coupled with a creative, open environment and immense professional opportunities, makes this a perfect place for those looking to build a lasting career in education.

  1. The candidate must appreciate raw emotions and connect to readers/audiences at a visceral level.
  2. She/he must possess a flair for writing that is both engaging and meaningful and appealing to diverse audiences. Our aim is not to churn formal academic writing, but that which pierces the virtual barrier between humans and media, which possesses the power to make people laugh and cry at its whims; words that permeate and resonate.

This is for candidates who are looking for a highly creative role, who believe in the power of the written word and wish to mentor young minds as they discover and express themselves. If you enjoy working in dynamic educational environments and love expanding the horizons of your linguistic innovation, we look forward to hearing from you!

Key Skills:

  1. Stellar writing skills
  2. Learning Mindset
  3. Excellent critical thinking skills
  4. Excellent communication and presentation skills
  5. Attention to detail
  6. Taking pride and ownership in work

Education and Experience:

Aspiring writers or experienced writers are welcome to apply.

Why should you be interested?


Working with Caapid Simplified will provide you with an opportunity to bring about a positive impact in the lives of the best students in the country - the future pioneers of the world

Team and Culture

We are a young and daring collection of adventurers dedicated to excellence and growth. We are always efficient and occasionally funny

The candidate will get a chance to work in a multicultural environment with ex-pats from different corners of the globe

Professional Advancement

We believe in providing opportunities for team members to build their skills and become independent drivers

Experience of operating in a dynamic, high-growth organization in this multidimensional role, along with the opportunity to work with the Founders.

Our team comprises creative and colorful characters, all goal-oriented and hungry for growth (and healthy snacks). The work environment is a mixture of formal and playful, as we all strive to get things done while sipping Italian coffee brewed in-house. The Rejuvenation Center is a testament to our commitment to a healthy work environment, conducive to growth, and attentive to every individual’s need to relax and re-energize. Here, one can take a quick break from work, enjoy a delightful morsel, meditate and stretch, and return to work refreshed with renewed enthusiasm.

Key Responsibilities:

Guide students on essays
  1. Drive the Statement of Purpose and/or essay strategy by understanding the student/assignment/question thoroughly, organizing information from disparate sources, and creating a detailed plan for execution. This often takes the form of a point by point ATS or essay outline
  2. Lead the Common Application and Application Theme & Strategy (ATS) strategy by transforming an outline into a final document independently with minimal or no supervision from the management
  3. Brainstorm creative ideas with students
  4. Help them create outlines (structures) for a diverse range of essays
  5. Edit essays produced by students
  6. Structure and edit other parts of the college application
Creative writing
  1. Compile stories that weave the nuances of Indian culture into short creative pieces that promote progressive values in contemporary society
  2. Branding research - the candidate must critically dissect case studies and conduct nuanced research into the branding of leading corporations to come up with innovative ideas and weave them into compelling advertising narratives
  3. Social media marketing management: creating professional blogs, sourcing good content, publicizing it
Lead the counseling process for students
  1. Lead the knowledge of study abroad counseling by displaying deep know-how of the process. Processing and communicating Caapid Simplified's study abroad counseling process effectively - College List, Essays, Recommendations, Interviews, etc.
  2. Lead the Counseling strategy/ ATS by having a deep know-how of what it takes to build a differentiated profile to gain admission into Ivy League colleges, compose complete ATS independently
  3. Independently conduct student understand the nuances of client needs and address them in an effective and elegant manner (creating new processes as needed), resolve conflicts that arise between different parties
  4. Composing counseling reports, including feedback to students and parents
  5. Assist the team in preparing a variety of documents and presentations including memos and presentations

Join us and do a great work