Why our scholarship?

  • Lighter Load for You: With our humble aid, we hope to lower your application burden. This will give you the sustenance to allocate your finances to gain more experience & garner more opportunities in the States.
  • A Coach & Unlimited Guidance for You: Our scholarship doesn’t end with mere financial support. Beyond that, you get continued support, direction and possible access to our alumni.
  • Lessons from our Experience for You: We have seen applicants come and go. We have seen what could help them stay in school. Learn from us!

Who can apply?

  • Must be pursuing the final year or have completed their dental education in a country outside of the U.S.
  • Must be applying to U.S. Dental School programs through CAAPID.
  • Must be committed to this American dental dream!

What our scholarship offers?

Our scholarship offers a range of benefits to help students succeed in their studies and achieve their academic goals.

Scholarship 1

  • One scholar receives 100% sponsorship for the Caapid Simplified Fellowship support.
  • This Fellowship support is worth $2,000.

Scholarship 2

  • 3 scholars receive cash scholarships of $400 each.
  • More details to follow in the e-mail.

Shoutout to the Winners!

We look forward to supporting your CAAPID journey financially next year. Meanwhile, here's the list of scholarship winners for the 2024 cycle.

Application Writing Scholarship winner Shweta shah

Dr. Shweta Shah

Awarded: Caapid Application Writing Scholarship
Scholarship winner pooja katira

Dr. Pooja Katira

Awarded: Cash Scholarship

Dr. Akhil Suresh

Awarded: Cash Scholarship

Dr. Chandni Shahdev

Awarded: Cash Scholarship

Winners for the 2023 cycle

Dr. Jeeshriya Rajan

Awarded: Caapid Application Writing Scholarship

Dr. Krisha Shah

Awarded: Cash Scholarship

Dr. Vidhi Patel

Awarded: Cash Scholarship

Dr. Shreya Tripathi

Awarded: Cash Scholarship