Why our scholarship?

  • Lighter Load for You: With our humble aid, we hope to lower your application burden. This will give you the sustenance to allocate your finances to gain more experience & garner more opportunities in the States.
  • A Coach & Unlimited Guidance for You: Our scholarship doesn’t end with mere financial support. Beyond that, you get continued support, direction and possible access to our alumni.
  • Lessons from our Experience for You: We have seen applicants come and go. We have seen what could help them stay in school. Learn from us!

Who can apply?

  • Must be pursuing the final year or have completed their dental education in a country outside of the U.S.
  • Must be applying to U.S. Dental School programs through CAAPID.
  • Must be committed to this American dental dream!

What our scholarship offers?

Our scholarship offers a range of benefits to help students succeed in their studies and achieve their academic goals.

Scholarship 1

  • One scholar receives 100% sponsorship for the Caapid Simplified Fellowship support.
  • This Fellowship support is worth $2,000.

Scholarship 2

  • 3 scholars receive cash scholarships of $400 each.
  • More details to follow in the e-mail.

How to Apply

  • 01

    Fill out the registration form below

  • 02

    Receive the essay/video prompt & more information in your email

  • 03

    Complete the essays by 5th february 2023 and e-mail us back at scholarship@caapidsimplified.com

  • 04

    If shortlisted, you will be invited to a 45-minute interview

  • 05

    Selected scholars will receive the scholarship by March 2023