F1 - Visa

Prepare for your F1 visa with Caapid Simplified! Now that you have the admit letter, the last and
crucial step is to get your US Visa. We have curated an all-inclusive F1 visa course to help you
navigate through this phase smoothly.

Our video course includes the following:
1. Basics of the F1 Visa – This video will give you an overview of the basics of an F1 visa
and also includes the “Documents Checklist.”
2. What is an i20? – Through this video, familiarize yourself with an i20 form.
3. What is a DS-160 form? – Through this video, get acquainted with the basics of a DS-
160 form.
4. How to correctly fill your DS-160? – This video includes a live demonstration on how to
clearly and correctly fill in your details in your DS-160.
5. Visa Interview and Visa Denials – We will go through the commonly asked questions
and sample answers. Also included are common reasons for visa denials and how to
overcome rejections.

Validity of course - 4 months

lecture 1

  • Basics of F1 Visa + Documents Checklist
    12 mins - mins
  • Quiz 1
    3 questions - mins

lecture 2

  • What is an i20?
    10 mins - mins
  • Quiz 2
    3 questions - mins

lecture 3

  • What is a DS-160 form?
    09 min - mins
  • Quiz 3
    3 questions - mins

lecture 4

  • How to correctly fill your DS-160?
    22 min - mins
  • Quiz 4
    2 questions - mins

lecture 5

  • Visa Interview and Visa Denials
    19 min - mins
  • Quiz 5
    2 questions - mins


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