Bench Prep Evaluation ( 10-Prep )

Bench Prep

Bench Prep Evaluation:  

Once you receive an invite, you know the school likes you on paper. What determines whether you will receive the admission letter is your interview and bench exam.

A bench test is a skills evaluation exam to assess your pre-clinical dental knowledge. It is a timed test consisting of several exercises (differs for every school).

It is an essential component of the admission process, and it's best to start practicing in advance. Schools give very little notice once they send out interviews. Preparing and planning your travel and other logistics might take a majority of your time during those days. It would be best if you didn't get flustered at a crucial point in your journey.

Start your preparations ASAP, as we have now got your back! Complete preps at home, send us pictures, get expert feedback. It's simple as that!

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