Caapid Application Writing Fellowship


Some journeys need more than just support


This application process needs more than just editing and rewriting. So, here we are, willing to coach and support you for the upcoming 2024 CAAPID cycle. 

  • CAAPID Personal Statement
  • LORs 
  • CV
  • CAAPID Discussion with Founder(s)
  • CAAPID Application Review

Note: Supplemental Answers can be purchased on the go if required. Use this link or contact us if you would like to purchase the service. 

Why Choose the CS Fellowship?

  1. At Caapid Simplified, we are committed to helping Dentists in their DDS/DMD application journey with quality time and support.
  2. A good number of candidates request us to guide them throughout their application journey, and we look forward to extended support from the team.
  3. It starts with additional/different service requirements to one-on-one mentorship, doubts clearance, and direction.
  4. We understand that there are two parts in supporting:

The effort that we put together and

In the time we spend together. 

Taking a step extra and making it exclusive with personalized support by sharing the journey as the 3rd part makes it unique - the CU-CS Fellowship Program (CSFP).

The Special Batch of 50*50

  • We accept just 50 Dentists based on profile shortlisting, investing 50 hours in each of them.
  • The Fellowship focuses on the complete application journey, and the program revolves around a dedicated coach/mentor for each candidate.
  • We share not just the effort and time but the journey itself. Each candidate gets around 50 hours with the Caapid Simplified Coach and team.
  • This time is invested in one-to-one support groups and mentorship where the coach is available throughout the application journey (50 hours).
  • Also, we help in screening, suggesting, and improving/re-writing your application and documents. 
  • In addition to this, you also get free access to our Caapid Simplified software tools, which help you throughout the year, even after the dedicated 50 hours.

1. Resume Editing:

  • You will have 15 mins guiding call with Coach.
  • You will be required to send a draft version of your Resume.
  • The draft would be carefully edited, re-written, and emailed by the Coach.
  • The Coach would address any other queries/minor iterations (if needed) over a call.

2. Personal Statement Re-writing:

  • We’ll brainstorm for 45 minutes over the Google Meet.
  • Use the SOP writing tool we developed for drafting purposes. You can paste your most recent draft or bullet point ideas from the brainstorming session within the tool.
  • We will then take seven days to edit, craft, or re-write your SOP aligned with our writing principles.
  • We use NO templates, NO external writing support, and NO duplication of content between students.
  • You will get the opportunity to come back with missed ideas and have a second iteration refresh.
  • communication on a workspace Google chat group that we will create for you

Differentiation: At our fellowship, we commit to preserving originality, and we rewrite the content and don’t just edit. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in developing a ‘theme,’ staying grammatically coherent and culturally adaptable for a US admissions committee.

3. LOR (3 Nos):

  • You will be required to answer a set of questionnaire
  • The draft would be carefully edited, re-written, and emailed by Coach 
  • The Coach would address any other queries/minor iterations (if needed) over a call.

Note: To maintain the quality of the application, we’ll give all the time and effort we promise; henceforth, we will take only 10 applications a month. 

If the status says, sold out, access the opportunity next month.

All The Very Best!

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Pay as EMI of $385 for 2 months

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