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Interview Coaching

We can understand your anxiety. With the dates nearing for your interview, we would love to guide you through this. Continuous practice is the key to crack your interview.  

Worry not! We have something exciting in store for you! Say hello to our Interview Pal. We offer face-to-face virtual sessions in an environment simulating real-time dental school interviews. Each session will last for 1hr which includes 30-45 minutes of mock interview and the final 15 mins for feedback on your performance from our experts!

Benefits of Interview Pal:

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety
  2. Boost confidence
  3. All kinds of question categories covered  (Behavioral, Ethical, College Specific questions)
  4. Tailor-made per candidate, if required (Email us your request)
  5. Recording to playback at a later date

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Talk to our experts to guide you better and discuss the details and ace your Dental Admission/Interview.

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