MMI Mock Tool + Expert Interview Coaching


Prepare for Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) with our Kira-like MMI tool. Gain a better understanding of the MMI process and experience a realistic interview environment to enhance your performance.


Note: Download the "MMI Mock Access" file after payment completion. Ace your MMIs with our MMI Mock Tool!


Master your interpersonal and behavioral interview skills for your dream dental school. Overcome fears, refine your pitch, and conquer the toughest questions with our expert guidance.


How much does it cost?

Definitely not as much as your peace of mind. Below is the pricing for each stand-alone service

Services Pricing
Mock MMI Tool $180
IC Session (1.5 hours) $180

Benefit from volume-based discounts. If you choose two sessions, you lower the total cost by 5%, and 10% if you desire additional sessions.

What's holding you back? You deserve exceptional treatment. Secure your spot for a starter call today.

Service Count Investment
Mock test MMI tool 180.00
Interview Coaching 180.00

* Interview Coaching is only available as an add-on to Mock Test. If you want to purchase Interview Coaching, you must also purchase Mock Test MMI tool.

You invest : $ 180.00
You save : 0.00