Application Writing


Letters of evaluation are a required portion of the ADEA CAAPID application. ADEA CAAPID allows you to submit up to four letters. Individual dental schools also sometimes ask for additional letters of evaluation separate from the ADEA CAAPID application.

Checklist of items your letter should have:

  1. Official Letterhead
  2. Original Signature
  3. Date
  4. Length of time your recommender has known you
  5. Specific examples of your recommender’s interaction with you


  • Dean of dental school
  • Dental school professor
  • Preferably a U.S. dentist you shadowed/ worked as a dental assistant/ Employer in home country

It is important to maintain a good relationship and communicate early on to your recommender about your interest in the program and whether they would be willing to write you a letter in support of your application. 3-4 months before the application open date is a good time to start communicating and have the letter ready