Application Writing

SOP/ Personal Statement

A Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose is a one or one-half page essay (not to exceed 5,200 characters) that gives dental schools a clear picture of who you are, and why you want to pursue an advanced standing program in the U.S.

5 main points for your Personal Statement

  1. What inspired you to be a dentist?/ Why dentistry
  2. It must depict your qualities as a dentist, for example, empathetic, dextrous, teamplayer (it’s better to give examples for your qualities rather than mentioning ‘I am empathetic’)
  3. Your experiences in the U.S., what you learned, and how it affected your goals
  4. Why do you want to be a dentist in the U.S.
  5. Your short and long term goals
  • Check out the SOP Builder  in Inner Circle
  • Read a sample essay here: Link