Interview and Clinical Skills

Clinical Skills

How to do a bench-test set-up at home:  Bench Test- Home-Setup for Advanced Standing Programs for DDS Admission | Foreign Trained Dentist  

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Popular bench test courses available

USA - Stevenson’s, Duggan’s

India - Overseas Dental Achievers (ODA)

Radiographic Interpretation

Check out the Radiographic Interpretation Course   in Inner Circle.

Treatment Planning

Treatment Planning is considered a key method of clinical evaluation at interviews. Interviewers choose from the below mentioned formats to test you in treatment planning

  1. Case based personal interviews
  2. Group discussion or debate of clinical scenarios
  3. Written assessment based on a case

Check out the Treatment Planning Coaching session with Dr. Nourah!  

Additional resources for profile building

Webinar library

  1. In this 90 minute webinar, we discuss how Dr. Nourah garnered 10 interview invites in the advanced standing program of 2019! How Dr. Nourah garnered 10 dental school/DDS interview calls!  
  2. This 90 minute webinar shares in-depth information of how plan finances for Advanced Standing programs: Financing and Loans for DDS Advanced Standing Program. What are your loan options and interest rates  
  3. Dr. Prabhjot Kaur DMD’22 shares the perils and victories navigating her way to school amidst childbirth, early motherhood and unemployment: Being a mother and aiming for DDS Advanced Standing Program | Dr. Prabhjot Kaur & Dr. Goldendeep  
  4. Dr. Hannah from CU IDP’2020 shares her perspective on the job-market for foreign-trained dentists after DDS: Jobs after DDS_Presented by Dr. Hannah Doan_YouTube star from DDS Journey_with Dr. Nourah & Karthik  
  5. Dr. Sirisha Mahesh and Dr. Shikha Shah shares their tips on how one can prepare for ‘employability’ and the job-market before graduating from DDS (The DDS Mentors): The DDS Mentors Dr. Shikha and Dr. Sirisha advise on Jobs after DDS | Foreign trained dentists  

Web tools to build your profile

  1. You can connect with current Advanced Standing program students, who can help mentor you and guide your path into school - Stay Tuned for Mentorship Connect in Inner Circle
  2. Stay Tuned for Resume Builder in Inner Circle