Interview and Clinical Skills

Interview Skills


Out of all the factors that act as determinants of an admit, interviews are perhaps the most significant. They are the most rigorous, most impactful and most complicated section in the process. U.S. Dental Schools use interviews to assess whether you are personable, confident and conversational in nature

By the time you come to an interview, you have already crossed the evaluation for eligibility. Therefore interviewers don’t expect you to re-iterate credentials mentioned in your resume or Caapid application. They simply want to gauge whether you as a human being are someone who can manage the rigor of the advanced standing program, can do that collaboratively with your classmates, can demonstrate leadership without authority and where possible contribute to the success of the program.

Simply put, they are testing your interpersonal and intrapersonal qualities. Your storytelling ability can guide their judgement of you - not the length of your merit.

Each of the 38 dental schools that offer an Advanced Standing Program offers one among only 4 interview formats known to them (either in-person or virtual)

  1. 1-on-1 personal interviews
    • Most intuitive format of interviews. You might have the opportunity to formally or informally know who your interviewer is - and is always good
  2. Many-to-one Panel Interview
  3. Multiple mini-interviews
  4. KIRA automated interviews