Networking and Referrals

Shadowing referrals

A natural tendency for international dentists is to approach a US dentist who is from the same country as it makes the process easier. Our recommendation is to shadow/assist a US based dentist. This widens your network and helps you develop an appreciation for US dentistry and the lifestyle.

There are several ways of getting shadowing/assisting referrals:

  1. Requesting a relative/known dentist in the US to refer you to their friend or colleague
  2. Approaching dental offices in your vicinity either in-person (Recommended) or through email requesting for an opportunity to shadow
  3. Requesting a friend/faculty from home country to refer you to their friend who might be a US dentist
  4. Requesting people you know from other areas - like volunteering or from school to refer you to their dentists
  5. Requesting for a shadowing/assisting opportunity at a dental conference
  6. Approaching faculty from dental schools to request for an opportunity to shadow them at their private practice