Interested in research but confused where to start?

Did you ever wonder how it would be to be a part of a research group? Or are you the person with multiple ideas and want a research experience to execute those?

You are in the right place, read on!

Significance of basic research methodologies and their implications in dentistry

  • Evidence based-dentistry
  • US healthcare systems/innovations and their influence in dentistry

Volunteering opportunities

  1. Research Associate @ dental schools (Volunteering)
  2. Research coordinator
  3. Research assistant in a health science center

Academic programs involving research

  • MS programs in dentistry (Oral Science, Oral Biology, Biomaterials, etc.)
  • PhD programs in dentistry
  • Work in research in non-dental fields (Virology, biomedical)
  • MPH Programs
  • SOPHAS, MPH programs - online, on campus
  • Other masters programs

Publishing your own articles

  • Collaborate with dental schools
  • Collaborate with dental clinics in existing research space
  • Research Assistant Positions
  • Research Associate Positions