Work Experience

Dental Experience

Shadowing/ Observership / Dental Assisting

Dental Shadowing/ Observership holds importance for the ADEA CAAPID for students applying on a B1/B2 or on visas without a work permit. A minimum of 100 hours of shadowing is recommended.

  • A dental assisting opportunity can be availed by someone who has a work permit in the U.S.

How to approach dental offices for shadowing/ dental assisting opportunities?

  • Reach out to the dentist in the area you live
  • Attend community events and develop networks
  • If you are in a Masters program, you can ask your classmates or your adviser to introduce you to their dentist
  • Develop rapport with the receptionist and request an appointment with the dentist to discuss about the shadowing opportunity goals

Where can you look for Observership opportunities?

  • Dental clinics in your neighborhood, dental schools, community clinics, free dental clinics, dental labs, biomedical laboratories

Dentist/ Associate Dentist

Practicing as a licenced dentist in your home country post-graduation is significant. Several schools prefer 2 years of experience in the home country.


  • Dental: Dental camps, Rural dental clinics, Community Dental Clinics
  • Non-Dental: Shelter Home, Geriatric care


A Preceptorship is a period of practical experience and training for a student, especially of medicine, dentistry, or nursing, that is supervised by an expert or specialist in a particular field.

UCLA School of Dentistry(Preceptorships) 

Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine(International Preceptorship in General Dentistry, Predoctoral) 

UCSF School of Dentistry(Preceptorships and Fellowships) 

NYU College of Dentistry(Programs for International Dentists) 

University of Florida College of Dentistry(Preceptorship Program) 

Non-dental healthcare experience

  • Administrator in hospital/ clinic
  • Laboratory Work
  • Fundraising
  • Blood Donation Drive
  • Research
  • Teaching