Why Caapid Simplified is non-profit?

Dr. Nourah Abdul Kader was a fresher struggling to apply to Caapid programs back in 2019. She took help from many friends to prepare over two years, and secure 10 admits.

Even after securing 10 admits, she didn’t have the cash to pay her school’s security deposit. So she joined hands with her friends to earn through a YouTube channel.

Those friends, their techniques, and good intentions are what Caapid Simplified is. We never intended to become millionaires helping people, and return our profits as scholarships!

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Our team of 11 coaches convene each week to discuss what gave our international dentists an edge in admissions. Here are our secrets!

What’s so special about Caapid Simplified


ADEA CAAPID Connection

When the official ADEA-Caapid wanted to learn about difficulties international dentists face, guess who they reached out to - Caapid Simplified! Because we stay connected to admission committee members, we’re so good.


Authenticity through Diversity

Who said an American Accent mattered? It's the diversity of our coaches that makes us special. In our own struggles as immigrants, we empathize with yours and help you find showcase your originality when getting admitted.

372 admits in Three years

since our non-profit started in 2019

Real Dentists, Real Stories

It's an absolute joy when dentists call back to celebrate their joy with us. How lucky we are to make you smile, before you make others

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