Networking and Referrals



Conferences and conventions are great places to find networking opportunities with other dentists and healthcare professionals. It also helps expand your skills as a dentist with continuing education courses.

Where can you look for Observership opportunities?

  • How much can I spend?
  • How far can I travel?
  • What is my strategy in approaching dental professionals?
  • What outcome do I expect from attending this conference?
  • With how many visiting cards will I walk out of this conference?

Networking and Referrals

  1. Plan your day well ahead of time
  2. Dress professionally
  3. Never approach a dentist who is busy at an exhibition or buying from dealers
  4. Don’t spend the whole time networking, spend some time in educational workshops and courses
  5. Write down interesting points from the CE course and discuss it with the presenter. Build some interesting questions on the topic.
  6. Always attend the evening cocktail party. Everyone will be relaxed and in a mood to socialize
  7. Participate in conversations, don’t be shy - Whether they’re dentists, consultants or equipment dealers almost everyone you meet will have something to help you get a little bit closer to your goal
  8. Spend some time walking the exhibition floor - more chances of meeting someone who would be willing to go for a coffee break
  9. If you need help - a shadowing/volunteering opportunity - do not beat around the bush. Ask for help and be humble
  10. If you cannot afford to register for a dental conference, email them to get yourself an opportunity to volunteer

US Conferences

  1. Greater New York Dental Meeting 
  2. Southwest dental conference 
  3. Academy of General Dentistry 
  4. Smiles at sea 
  5. Annual Mid-Continental dental conference 
  6. Rocky Mountain dental convention 
  7. Yankee dental congress 
  8. Chicago dental society mid-winter meeting 
  9. Pacific Northwest Dental Conference 
  10. Star of the North Dental Meeting 
  11. Texas Dental Association dental meeting 
  12. New Orleans dental conference 
  13. American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Conference 
  14. Annual Hawaiian Dental Forum 
  15. ADA Annual Meet 
  16. National Dental Association Annual Convention 
  17. Charter Oak Dental Meeting 
  18. The Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting 
  19. Annual Meeting Scientific sessions and exhibition 
  20. CDA Art and Science of Dentistry 
  21. Kois Symposium